taylor buchtmann architecture
*taylor buchtmann architecture
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We like to make things,

We like to work with colour and texture

…..with a well resolved plan, simple forms, robust materials.

Providing enough space to be together and apart comfortably

…..with passive solar design and sustainability as a starting point, buried deep within - not worn on the sleeve.

We like to put a roof over your head, a roof that’s often an interesting sculptural form but always a roof that works hard.

We’re with Glenn Murcutt, seeking to provide “prospect and refuge”. 

Sometimes we like to think about “what’s the least we need to do to get this to work?”

We don’t mind a difficult site or a modest budget.

We like to put new things next to old things, so they both look happy and good.

We like the things we make to have a relationship to things outside themselves – music, painting, sport……

We’re interested in playing around the edges….questions like is it possible to feel like you’re both inside and outside at the same time? 

We work with a lot of conversation, as well as diagrams, models and drawings.

We like to make things.